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Bokashi Compost Systems - EM Compost the easy way

Get rich, black Bokashi Compost + nutrient-rich Boost Juice liquid fertiliser with my amazing 2 in 1 Bokashi Boost composting system. Using Bokashi Boost is easy, it saves time (and the planet) and your garden will love what it can do.

Bokashi Boost turns your organic waste into plant food in just 4 weeks. And unlike Granny’s stinky compost heap, Bokashi is odour free, quick, and ever so easy.

I know Bokashi Compost works. If you have any questions please contact me directly.

Dougal Pollock
Bokashi Boost owner & user

Bokashi Boost Composting System

Meet the compost boosters

Bokashi Boost Garden Compost

Bokashi compost is rich, dark and supercharged with Effective Micro-organisims (EM). Effective Micro-organisms are a naturally occurring phenomenon in the soil that help link your plants to vital growth nutrients. Bokashi compost takes this process to the next level.

Bokashi Boost Juice

We've called it Boost Juice because this wonder liquid fertilizer is full of all the good stuff that boosts the growth and vitality of your garden. It is easy to apply to your plants with a watering can or, for the boys, straight from the bucket.

See Bokashi Boost

Bokashi Boost gives 'greens' like you've never seen.

Bokashi Banter

What's in your compost pile? Training veges & Broccoli salad recipe

I hope you're all enjoying the warmer weather & getting some quality (evening) time in the garden. This week we peeked under the tarp covering our compost pile & got a lovely surprise, we also have suggestions for training those young veges in your garden (I like to call it Vege-Gate) & as promised I've included my 'summer favourite' recipe for a fantastic Broccoli Salad. Enjoy.

Bokashi Family Travels

It has been a little while since I have written because our family were very fortunate to enjoy a holiday in Scotland during September and October. Some of you may know that I hail from this small (but mighty) country. We had such a magnificent time and enjoyed far too many adventures to comment on, but I thought I might share a few gardens with you.

Whether that Spring Weather's a joke

Here's Baxter enjoying a sunny Spring Day - but, If I could pick an anthem for Spring it would be "4 Seasons in 1 Day". Spring's a tempermental season (at best), but whatever the weather does it's time to get BUSY in the garden. And, NO matter the weather, the busier you are now, the better the crop in summer. I've jotted down a few helpful pointers and a great Spring Gardening joke (well baxter & Dougal love it) just for you...

Sale (Labour Weekend) & Xmas Spud Update

Here at Bokashi Boost we love a bargain (maybe it has something to do with me being Scottish?!), and so we’re heading into SALE once more. This sale will help you get your garden super-ready for the 'BIG Plant Out' over Labour Weekend. Bokashi fans will remember our last sale was timed to give everybody a ‘Boost’ (pun intended) to help prep for the Xmas Spud Plant-Out. Catch up with sale news & how our delish-Xmas tatties are doing here.

Recipe for ALL Celery fans

I am a big celery fan and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I think humble celery is generally seen as a bit of an underdog, but not by me. I use a bunch a week, and if I open my fridge and there’s no celery looking back at me I feel a bit edgy. As often happens in the garden, it's ALL ready at the same time, and right now we seem to have an abundance of Celery. So I went in search of some Celery laden recipes to share, hope you enjoy the soup as much as Baxter did...

Life lessons from our Fig

On top of being the Bokashi Boost Dad I'm also an Outdoor Educator. Last week I was with a very hardy group of young people learning about bush survival up Mount Arthur. Bush survival has a lot to do with preparation, so when I got back home I put some time into preparing our beloved fig tree for a fabulous new season. Pruning! And tho I get a little bit tougher on our fabulous Fig tree every year he NOT only survives, but thrives, much like my students...

What gardeners say about Bokashi

I love Bokashi, it's easier than a big compost bin.
I love Bokashi Boost because it is small and very easy to manage. I think it is much easier for me to use than a big compost bin.
88 years old - bokashi boost's oldest customer
Fast, easy, effective - does what it says.
the brook garden produces bigger fruit and veges.
Bokashi Boost has helped made my soil blacker and much more friable. Since starting with Bokashi about 6 years ago, I have noticed my garden produces bigger fruit and veges - particularly my Broad Beans. Thanks Bokashi Boost
Our garden loves it.
We have been using the Bokashi system for 10 years now. We like it because its really easy and it makes great compost. Our garden seems to love it.
marlborough's easy to use.
I use Bokashi Boost because it's easy to use - I don't have to train my family - everything goes in, even meat and lemons! And it breaks down really quickly.
Bokashi is easy, fast and my tomatoes love it.
I'm a busy Mum - Bokashi is easy, fast and my tomatoes love it.
Bokashi Boost is the best compost system...
Bokashi Boost is the best compost system I have come across - simple operation - performs consistently well and conditions my soil really well.
gardener of 50 years and champion potato grower - Wellington
My Broccoli grows crazy big.
Good Value, Easy. My Broccoli grows crazy big.
...grows beautiful veges.
We use our Bokashi in our compost. When we empty the material the worms are thick in it and the material grows beautiful veges.
fay vaughan
...using Bokashi Boost for 1 year and we love it.
We have been using Bokashi Boost for 1 year and we love it because we can use everything from the kitchen including our meat scraps. It feels awesome to not be sending all that stuff to the land fill.
Great product thanks.
I couldn’t believe how quickly our food disappears into this black compost! Great product thanks.
My veggie garden is loving Bokashi Boost
My veggie garden is loving Bokashi Boost - everything grows faster, bigger, my plants are healthier.
It's magic!
I love how Bokashi Boost not only reduces the amount of waste there is at the end of the week, but now the soil in my garden has improved so much in the last 10 months, it is beautiful, loamy and friable.... and all you have to do is dig it in and wait a few weeks. It's magic!
...ended up with a huge, bumper crop of healthy veges.
We buried the contents of several Bokashi Boost buckets and planted into them. We ended up with a huge, bumper crop of healthy broccoli and courgettes. Cheers
the wood, Nelson
...everything grows better where Bokashi's been buried.
I've been using Bokashi boost for 4 years and my soil health has improved so much - its blacker and everything grows so much better where the Bokashi has been buried.
Loving our Bokashi Boost system, it really works...
Loving our Bokashi Boost system, it really works and makes lovely compost.
clive & jan
upper moutere's great for my garden.
My Bokashi Boost breaks down really fast in the soil - and it's great for my garden.
Fantastic stuff.
Fantastic stuff. It does exactly what it says, I would recommend it to anyone.
...great results.
Compact, easy to use, reliable, great results.
Bokashi is simple and efficient and better
Bokashi is simple and efficient and better than feeding a worm farm, worm farms and I don’t get on!