The Bokashi Boost System

The Bucket

Made in New Zealand from high quality, long lasting plastic, each bucket comes with an interior sleeve that slides out for easy cleaning. The sleeve has a number of holes in the base to allow the Boost Juice to drip through and collect in the bottom of the main bucket.

Each bucket comes with a flexible lid that is really easy to open and close. Embedded in the rim of the lid is a chunky rubber seal, so the lid closes, and seals perfectly every time. The bucket's handle is comfortable to grip and our new design ensures it won't break.

Around 35% of our buckets are recycled (meaning they have been used once to transport fruit pulp). These buckets, once destined for landfill, are indistinguishable from the new ones that come straight from the factory.

Bokashi Boost Compost Bucket

Bokashi Boost Mix

More than 20 years ago, a team of Japanese scientists were commissioned by their government to develop a compost system that could deal quickly and efficiently with a huge amount of municipal food waste.

As a result, Bokashi was born and made available to the world. My Bokashi is made to a very high standard right here in the Nelson region.

What is Bokashi?

Bokashi is an 'EM' – effective micro-organism. My Bokashi Boost Mix also contains untreated pine chips, wheat bran, dolomite and Ceremix which boosts the productivity of the EM.

How does Bokashi work?

Bokashi is an anaerobic food grade bacteria that, when added to your food, creates a fermentation process - a bit like pickling. Decomposition (rotting) is suspended, and the Bokashi populates your food mass. After you have left it for between a week and 10 days in the Bokashi Boost Bucket, the resulting mix is ready to bury.

At this point your Bokashi Boost food mix has become extremely attractive to the right kinds of microbes (EM) that live in your soil. Once you bury the mix, and positive microbes that live in your soil (possibly only in small amounts) are exposed to this massive amount of healthy food, it's party time! They come rushing in, attracted by the Bokashi Boost and they feed and reproduce. As they reproduce, their population grows massively, and this growth is sustained by your Bokashi Boost Mix.

As this exponential growth cycle occurs, there is more feeding and a corresponding break down of your waste food into rich, black compost. Once the food waste has broken down (4 weeks max, usually less) your soil will be boosted by this new population of healthy microbes, and healthy soil equals healthy plants. 

Note: your fermented Bokashi Boost mix can also be put into your existing compost heap.

Each Bokashi Bucket comes with 1kg of Bokashi Boost. This should last about 3 months for the average household. It can also be ordered separately in 1kg bags or 5kg value bags.

"Compact, easy to use, reliable, great results!"
~ Ronnie, Nelson

Bokashi Boost Compost Mix

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Thanks to all our loyal customers. To all our new customers & users - thanks for landing on our site.

The brave folk at PBT Couriers continue to deliver Essential Goods, and whilst we know Bokashi Boost's a fine product, it’s not an Essential. As such we’re happy to take orders and payment and will ship once the governments level 4 restrictions have been lifted.

In the mean time - take care and enjoy the extra time you may have to spend in the garden.

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Dougal Pollock
Founder (& user) Bokashi Boost