Time to Dig-In

Hello Tattie Gardeners…

This week has been a busy week for our family and most of our garden time has been spent simply tidying up dead plant matter and weeds. And although this work is not super glamorous, it always feels good to get it done. It has been great to have a few hard frosts to clear out the unwanted slugs and bugs too. 

Fortunately for all of us, digging in our Bokashi buckets couldn’t be easier and because it is such a quick job, there’s always time to get it buried and allow all that EM goodness to start working hard on our behalf. Of course Baxter likes to get involved too, so sometimes the process takes a little longer than either Dougal or I have planned! But it’s in NOW and we’re on target for planting our spuds out come the 1st September.

Remember, after you have dug the contents of your Bokashi bucket into your potato patch it takes just 4 weeks for Effective Micro-organisms to do their thing and for all your food scraps to be miraculously transformed into beautiful, black compost. So in order to have your soil ready for planting spuds in September, the Bokashi buckets should be going in now. YES, RIGHT NOW…

All you need to do is dig a hole or a trench deep enough to empty your bucket into while still leaving room for around 6cm of soil on top of your buried treasure. Don’t forget to separate your buckets first so you don’t loose your Boost Juice when you upend your buckets. We fill our Boost Juice bucket to the rim with water and then use it as a liquid fertiliser. 

And while your Bokashi is hard at work, you can lay your seed potatoes out to sprout so they are ready for planting in 4 weeks. It won’t be long then before the plants start showing,  and your tummy starts it’s traditional “Christmas Spud Rumbling”. Bring it on I say. 

Good luck and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to flick us an e-mail, you can even do it from here right now.

Dougal & Baxter tidying the section while the sun shines.

Empty Bokashi Boost Buckets – the Super EM compost’s working for the Christmas Spuds.

Carla and Baxter,