Thanks to everyone who visited us at the Nelson Home and Garden Show.

Thanks to every single one of you Bokashi Boost composters who visited us at the show. And for those new composters, welcome aboard, and here’s to years of happy, easy composting. Sorry about the quality of the photo, but the day was that busy we only managed to get this low res shot.

Just wanted to officially thank all of you for visiting us at the Nelson Home and Garden Show this year. You made the show such a marvelous success and we are still smiling from your positive visits.

To say sales exceeded our greatest expectations would be a huge understatement – your visits, comments and purchases reinforced everything I love about Bokashi Boost. So, once again, thanks to one and all who visited the show.

Welcome new Boosters, happy composting, enjoy your garden.
Dougal – Bokashi boost (“show” pony). Compost made easy.