Sale (Labour Weekend) & Xmas Spud Update

Delish-Christmass Spuds & Labour Weekend Sale

Here at Bokashi Boost we love a bargain (maybe it has something to do with me being Scottish?!), and so we’re heading for Sale time again!

Firstly let me update you on our Christmas Spud progress. Bokashi fans will know that we had a sale timed to give everybody a ‘Boost’ (pun intended) getting their soil prepped and ready for planting tatties in time for Christmas. Well it’s planting time now and our potatoes are all tucked up in their Bokashi beds ready to multiply for us. The soil looks amazing and we are very excited to watch the progress of these tasty tubers! My daughter’s Lucy and Erin took some photos of Dougal tucking in the parent pots.

Dougal busy preparing Christmassy tatties

More of the same – but better photographic angle

To keep a rolling pantry and have new potatoes throughout summer you can plant more seed potatoes in Oct and Nov too; even December is not too late. So if you haven’t prepared your soil yet, never fear! You can order your Bokashi today and still enjoy Summer Spuds that have been enhanced with EM. Have a look through some of previous blogs for more tips about getting started.

September is also the month to begin your monthly ‘Boost Juice’ feeds to your precious fruit trees. Add 4 tablespoons of the Boost Juice you’ve collected in the bottom of your Bokashi Boost System to 4 litres of water and pour it around your trees. We usually just top the whole bottom bucket up with water and go forth from there.

Now to our next sale! Labour Weekend is almost upon us, which means at least one trip to the local nursery or market to pick up some Spring plantings. We’ll keep you updated with what to plant as the time draws near. For now, we want you to focus on getting your soil nutrient rich and full of empowering Effective Microorganisms.

So don’t be shy! Get your Bokashi garden roaring and enjoy the satisfaction that comes from giving your soil the very best care you can.

Carla Bokashi Boost Sale Queen
Dougal King Christmas Spud Planter