Boost Starter Pack


The Boost Starter Pack is everything you need to kick-start your composting career. This is a complete, single Bokashi Boost system. It’s ideal for the smaller household with just 1 or 2 people. Then again, it’s also “right at home” on holiday or out at the ‘family’ bach. Get your “Boost” for composting right here.

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What is included in the Boost Starter Pack:

  • 1 Bokashi Bucket
  • 1 kilo bag of Bokashi Boost

Our buckets have a 15 litre capacity and are 42cm high and 25cm square.

If you think it’s going to take 3, 4, or more weeks to fill a bucket, then the Boost Starter Pack is EXACTLY what you need. Because the bucket’s taken so long to fill the fermentation process will be complete – this means your compost is ready to be dug into your garden (yum yum say the veges) or added to your existing compost system.

If you think you’ll fill your Bokashi Bucket in 2 weeks or less, you’ll have to wait 7 to 10 days to ensure the Boost has done all its work and your compost’s ready to go. But have no fear, this problem’s easily solved and you can be “continuously composting” with the Boost Family Pack. Learn more about the Boost Family Pack here.

Weight 2.000 kg