Boost Family Pack


The perfect pack for your Kiwi family. Get on the composting road and show your concern for the planet. This is a continuous compost system, with 2 buckets and a kilo bag of Bokashi Boost so you’re good to go for 3 months of non-stop, easy composting. The ‘mighty Boost Family’ pack is back, get yours now.

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Whats included:

  • 2 Bokashi Buckets
  • 1 kilo bag of Bokashi Boost

Our buckets have a 15 litre capacity and are 42cm high and 25cm square.

Now, by my calculations, the average New Zealand family (if there ever was such a thing) will usually fill a Bokashi Bucket every 10 to 14 days – this means the compost needs to sit anywhere from 4 to 7 days longer so the Boost can complete its magic and finish off the fermentation process (the process must be complete for your garden and all your veges to get maximum benefits). This  explains why you actually need the 2 buckets in the Boost Family Pack to jump on the “Super Green Highway” of continuous composting.

The 1 kilo bag of Bokashi Boost in this Pack will last for around 3 months (this is my best educated guess).

I am yet to hear anyone say “they regretted buying the Boost Family Pack”. If you believe a Starter Pack is all you need then that’s OK, and I would never be so bold as to say “I told you so” when you revisit to buy another Bokashi Bucket for your “continuous composting”.

So get onboard the “continuous composting cycle” with the Boost Family Pack.