Out in the garden at Mum’s place

Mum saying goodbye to her beloved, 55 year old wheelbarrow.

Hi Everyone,

Last week I went down to Christchurch to see my lovely mum and while I was down there we got stuck into her garden. Mum has always been an exceptional gardener and she has a gorgeous little section in Burnside which is both food producing and nourishing for the aesthetic soul at the same time.

She has some beautiful big shrubs that need a good prune every year to keep them in order, so that was our first task. We filled a trailer with the spoils and sadly discovered that we would need to say au-revoir to something else along with the cuttings: mum’s faithful old wheelbarrow of 55 years!

We emptied all the compost bins, had a good old tidy up and most importantly of all we got Mum’s Bokashi buried. Mum and I have a ‘healthy’ rivalry when it comes to our home grown groceries and so it is vital that we start off on an even keel in order to avoid cheating!

Enjoy the piccies and if you’re up to date in your own garden, maybe help a relative, friend or a neighbour in their’s… you may even get an amazing roast dinner like I did! 

Thanks Mum! 
From “well fed Dougal”, Bokashi Boost Son (Dad & Husband too)