Mulch, Mulch, Mulch. (And just for variety Mulch).

Hi and welcome to ‘Mulchary’ fellow gardeners

This is the hottest February I can remember in Nelson for quite awhile. It really feels like a classic sort of February Swelter.

I actually reckon school holidays should be in Feb! It’s so much hotter, and a lot more settled than December or January. But I digress, (sorry about that) gardening is what we are here to discuss. So discuss (or show) it I shall. They say a picture tells a thousand words, so below is a shot of some of the most recent bounty from our lovely garden.

I know, I know, I know – this looks like a Brocco-holic kind of picture, with some courgettes and a solo beetroot thrown in for good measure. But the garden is also bursting with sweet corn, tomatoes and lots of leafy greens. All of which are being welcomed into our kitchen and dinner plates. But unfortunately I didn’t get a photo of all that, so broccoli (the pin-up model of the vegetable world) features here once again.

It’s been a very busy time around home, especially with our ‘little addition’, his name is Baxter, and at 3 weeks old, he’s pretty hopeless in the garden, but a real expert in melting hearts. Ooooppppsss there I go again, off topic. Well, at least I am consistent.

Anyway I must dash, lots of things to do, remember to keep mulching, your garden will love you for it and you can get away with less watering, which helps everyone out (& saves you time).


Bokashi Boost Bloke & “Broccoli Buff” (big time)