How to Compost with Bokashi Boost

How Bokashi Boost composting works:

The Bokashi bucket has an internal sleeve with holes in the bottom which allows liquid to drain into the lower bucket. All food waste is placed in the top bucket, which has a tight fitting lid. Bokashi mix is added with food waste until the bucket is full.

Leave it for 7-10 days and that’s it – you have a bucket of valuable fertiliser ready to bury in your garden. Once buried, the food waste will turn into rich, black organic compost in about 4 weeks. You can place Bokashi mix in an existing compost heap as well. This will accelerate conventional composting by about 50%.

The step by step guide to maximising your Bokashi compost:

  1. Store your bucket in a warm spot but out of direct sunlight.
  2. Add a handful of Bokashi mix to the new bucket.
  3. Add food waste, including meat and citrus. Avoid excessive liquids and oils, paper and plastic.
  4. Squash food down and break up large pieces of food to avoid air pockets.
  5. Sprinkle a handful (about 4 tbsp) of Bokashi mix over food waste as you add it – or add a generous handful per 2 two litre ice cream container of food. Close the lid tightly and make sure it is well sealed.
  6. Drain the liquid ‘Boost Juice’ from the lower bucket once or twice a week.
  7. Keep adding food waste – store it up and add a couple of litres or less at a time, and sprinkle with Bokashi mix until the bucket is full.
  8. Stand the full bucket in a warm place for 7-10 days.

You now have a bucket full of nutrient-rich compost!

Note: the food waste will not change its appearance or decompose in the bucket – this is normal. You may notice a white mould, which is a good sign. The mix will decompose once added to the soil or your compost heap.

Adding your Bokashi Boost compost to the garden:

  1. Simply dig it into your vegetable garden – dig a trench or holes about 30cm deep, mix into and cover with soil.
  2. Three to four weeks later you will have black, organic plant food.
  3. Note: You can put the fermented Bokashi into your compost heap. This is great for your compost and it will break down very quickly.
  4. Around trees, dig holes at about 60cm spacing on the drip line of the tree.
  5. Note: you can plant into your Bokashi after about 2 weeks. Any sooner than this may burn the roots of plants.

Using the Boost Juice liquid fertiliser:

The amount and colour of liquid produced will depend on the food waste in your bucket. Bokashi juice makes great liquid fertilizer. Add 4 tablespoons to 4 litres of water and pour around plants. You can also use Bokashi juice to clean drains, and it can be beneficial to your septic tank.

If your Bokashi bucket smells bad, add more Bokashi Boost, or chop up large particles of food. Compress with a potato masher to get rid of air pockets. Make sure the lid has been sealed tightly. Very occasionally the brew may spoil, giving off a very strong odour. If this happens, simply discard and start again.

“My Bokashi Boost breaks down really fast in the soil – and it’s great for my garden.”
~ Scott, Stoke.