Can I compost meat?

Yes, Bokashi Boost loves meat. It’s not at all fussy, and doesn’t mind if it’s cooked or raw. Bokashi Boost is a robust compost system. Meat is protein and Bokashi Boost loves protein. The meat won’t go off in the bucket because the Bokashi Boost suspends decomposition until you bury the contents in the soil.

Can I compost citrus?

Yes, your Bokashi composting kit is able to handle most foods including citrus peel, onion, coffee grounds, and of course all your waste vegetable scraps.

What can’t I compost?

Excessive dairy products – a little is fine.

Lots of oil – this can coat the food and prevents the Bokashi Boost from doing its job.

My Bokashi has a white mould growing on it. What’s that?

Relax, this a good sign. It means the EM (effective micro-organisms) are working really well.

How much Bokashi Boost should I use at a time?

About 4 tablespoons per 2 litre ice cream container worth of food. Each layer of food you add should have a layer of Bokashi Boost on it. A 1 kg bag will last about 3 months, depending on how much food you are processing.

How much Boost Juice should I get?

Between 1 and 4 cm at the bottom of the bucket. It all depends on the amount of liquid in the food waste you add.

How long does a 1kg bag of Bokashi Mix last?

About 3 months for the average household, depending on how much food waste you process.

Can I keep Bokashi Boost in the kitchen?

Yes, keep it handy – that way you’ll remember to use it.

“Fantastic stuff. It does exactly what it says, I would recommend it to anyone.”
~ Betty, Mapua.