Shortest Day Garlic planting SUCCESS

Hello to all our Gardening mates,

It has been some months since the last blog, but things just keep growing; our little boy Baxter (what is my wife feeding him?) and our plants just shoot up with the vigor that pleases the eye and warms the heart. 

However, what with all the business around home, I’ve still managed to get the garlic in: planted on time (after tea) by the narrow light of my head torch! I prepped the bed with 2 buckets of fermented Bokashi Boost food scraps, layered over with soil and a generous barrow of compost made from last years leaves. Sprinkled off with a handful of sheep poo, I pushed about 100 little cloves into a soft bed of brown compost and soil. Now it’s done and it’s up to nature to do the rest! In their cozy bed of mulch and Bokashi Boost we can let those little cloves burst into new life, slowly at first then as spring comes a riot of cell division will see our family with enough garlic to ward off any blood suckers, keep us health  and see our kitchen blessed for the year. 

We hope you have got your garlic in but if not give it a go, its so easy. Ideally you should plant on the shortest day but if you haven’t and you want to try your hand, please do. 

Here’s what I do and it seems to work pretty well:
1. Rake back about 30cm of soil in your vege bed.
2. Pour in 1 x bucket of fermented Bokashi Boost food scraps.
3. Cover back over with soil
4. If you have compost, mix in with the soil, and add some sheep pallets or other manure if you have on hand. 
5. Water in and boom, your in business. 

Happy Composting from Dougal and all the Bokashi Boost Family. 

Compost. Made Easy.