Bokashi Family Travels

Hello again!

It has been a little while since I have written because our family were very fortunate to enjoy a holiday in Scotland during September and October. Some of you may know that I hail from this small (but mighty) country in the Northern Hemisphere.

We were way overdue a family visit, so with some trepidation about the flights, we set off!

We had such a magnificent time and enjoyed far too many adventures to comment on, but I thought I might share a few gardens with you.

We were so impressed with the large varieties of flowers on display in late Autumn; especially where the climate can be so challenging. The photos I have included are taken in Aberdeen, Inverness and my hometown Wick. 

A beautiful & very colourful garden

The lovely view of the garden from above

Stunning Scottish castle and grounds

There are obviously some very committed gardeners up there and we were very grateful for their efforts.

We were also inspired by the amount of espaliered fruit trees we saw. If you don’t have a lot of garden space, but you have a wall or a fence you can plant against, espalier is a great option.

Espaliered fruit trees make maximum use of space

Bountiful fruit in very little space

You can find lots of helpful videos on you tube to get you started and don’t forget to add Bokashi to your plants! You can plant your bucket in the soil and continue to feed you trees with Bokashi Boost Juice during the lead up to harvest. 

You should be feeding your fruit trees a hearty dose of diluted Boost Juice around the drip line once a month from now until harvest. 

Scotland was wonderful but it is a great privilege to call Nelson New Zealand home. We are very happy to be back and were even more thrilled with the fantastic broccoli harvest awaiting us here.

A ‘basketful of beautiful Bokashi Boost Broccoli’

Our Broccoli plants gowing fantastically well

I will share some gorgeous broccoli recipes with you all next week.

Cheerio the noo!

Carla, Bokashi Boost Ma. Dougal, Bokashi Boost Da. Baxter, Wean & Bokashi Boost Mascot.