A word from Bokashi guy Dougal (the happy dude in the picture)

Hi Gardeners, Summer is rolling into our gardens and this warm spell is seeing a real burst of new life. Its a time of miraculous growth  and hopefully a sense of positive change as our sometimes manky looking winter garden magically comes to life. 

In our garden we have broad beans, leaks, and beetroot showing off there rude health. The Beans are still tender enough we can eat them skin and all. We also have the usual muster of leafy greens (we are green smoothie freaks) and our Broccoli is also being harvested and fed to our hungry kids. Our garlic too is looking good. And fruit trees are budding and or blossoming like the happy little show offs they are.

But be warned – the weather boffins are talking about the El Nino causing more havoc than the All Blacks did with France. A nation wide dry spell they say is looming, the likes of which we have not seen since 84 – way back when Lange came to power!

My advice? MULCH, MULCH, MULCH! Keep your soil covered with hay, straw, old weeds, even a mulch of leaves. This will prevent excessive moisture loss and keep your soils precious microbial life in great shape.

Consider harvesting rain water from the roof. Install timers on all garden taps. 

Happy composting everybody – remember that healthy plants start with a healthy soil, and healthy soil is about feeding and nurturing the rich and diverse biological life that lives in underfoot. Bokashi Boost is the perfect way to make this happen, and its so easy. 

Happy composting, enjoy your garden.
Dougal – Bokashi boost. Compost made easy.