August 2017

Life lessons from our Fig

On top of being the Bokashi Boost Dad I’m also an Outdoor Educator. Last week I was with a very hardy group of young people learning about bush survival up Mount Arthur. Bush survival has a lot to do with preparation, so when I got back home I put some time into preparing our beloved fig tree for a fabulous new season. Pruning! And tho I get a little bit tougher on our fabulous Fig tree every year he NOT only survives, but thrives, much like my students…

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What to do when it rains all week?

In Nelson it’s been wet, wet, wet!
Luckily we don’t have any areas that are prone to collecting pools of water, but we do have a few ‘squelchy’ patches! Which make for great entertainment if you are 18 months old: mud and little Baxter are now very firm friends. The winter harvest’s yield is slimmer pickings, but we did enjoy some beautiful winter broccoli this week. Read More to see the pic…

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Time to Dig-In

This week’s been busy week for our family, most of our garden-time has been spent simply tidying up. Although that’s NOT super glamorous, it always feels good to get it done. Fortunately, digging in our Bokashi Buckets couldn’t be easier, which is great there’s always time to get it buried and allow all that EM goodness to start working hard. Of course Baxter likes to get involved too, so sometimes the process takes a little longer than either Dougal or I have planned! But it’s ALL IN and we’re on target for planting our spuds come 1st September.

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